PORTABLE Handheld Wireless Ultrasound

Profitable & Affordable Ultrasound for your Veterinary Clinic

$295.00 per month - includes everything

“We train you. You can ultrasound and save a pets life with a 9-minute ultrasound.  If we can’t train you, return the ultrasound.”
— Our Simple Guarantee
  • gives you a complete Ultrasound package which includes personal training.
  • Our training will give you the confidence to use this ultrasound daily.
  • Your customers will benefit.
  • Your clinic will benefit with new revenue. is an independent distributor of Clarius.

Clarius C7 Scanner

$295.00 per month, or $19,995.00


Complete Package Includes:

Personal Ultrasound training. Ultrasound tuition for TWO people to Dr. Lisciandro’s training in San Antonio. Hands on training and also receive 8 CE race units! You can pack your new Clarius ultrasound system in your carry-on!

1 year of Premium online membership. The Premium Membership supports continued advancement of your ultrasound and clinical skills by providing access to:

  • Live and Recorded Webinars
  • Emergency and Critical Care Blogs
  • AFAST® Video Library
  • TFAST® Video Library
  • Vet BLUE® Video Library
  • NEW a member of our interactive closed to “FASTVet Members ONLY” private web page.
  • iPadPro 12.9 inch or Android tablet
  • Clarius wall mount
  • Tablet table top stand
  • Clarius C7vet
  • Clarius Cloud
  • Color doppler
  • Automated heart rate measurement
  • Dicom send/store
  • M-Mode
  • Bladder volume measurements
  • Needle enhancement
  • Three year warranty
  • Three years of software and technical support. (Optional continued warranty 750.00 per year) 
“You should be doing 3-8 Global FAST® exams a DAY! – Capture Cases You are Sending Out the Door Everyday Without Ultrasound”
— Dr. Greg Lisciandro

You will quickly see how FAST Saves LivesTM and Become Hooked! 


Global FAST®, the combination of AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® as a 3rd standardized veterinary ultrasound exam used an extension of your physical exam, is cutting-edge and on par with many medical school curriculum throughout the U.S.A. including Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Greg Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, ACVECC has practiced for ~ 26 years, half in general practice and half in emergency and critical care/referral settings.  

He learned ultrasound in 2005 halfway into his career AFTER failing an abdominal ultrasound course in 1999.

He knows how to train you, what you see on a daily basis, and importantly what conditions you are missing EVERYDAY without ultrasound!

What AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® – Global FAST® – can do for you?

FAST is an acronym for the abbreviated ultrasound examination called Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma created as a triage and post-interventional screening test by human trauma surgeons in the 1990s.  

It quickly morphed into a non-trauma (triage), and monitoring (tracking) point-of-care imaging tool. The FAST ” T3″ applications encompass the paradigm change.  In other words, Global FAST has become an extension of your physical exam.

AFAST (abdominal FAST), TFAST (thoracic FAST), Vet BLUE (lung) and Global FAST have been developed by FASTVet for veterinarians as a rapid, low impact, point-of-care first-line screening test, to answer important clinical questions to help better:

  • Pick your next best test
  • Better keep alive for gold standard testing
  • Better keep alive for gold standard treatment
  • Better serve as evidence-based information by “seeing” the pathology-abnormality
  • We at FASTVet are committed to training you in Global FAST!
  • Who Created

Dr. Gregory R. Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, Dipl. ACVECC attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at The Animal Medical Center, New York City, and his residency in Emergency and Critical Care at the Emergency Pet Center, San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Lisciandro has spent approximately half of his 27-year career in general practice and half in emergency and critical care and half without ultrasound.

“I took a complete abdominal ultrasound course in 1999 and it was overwhelming.  I never felt that ultrasound would ever become a core skill for me; however, the FAST exam seemed clinically helpful and the original study limited the application to 4 views.  

I thought heck, I can learn 4 views! and then the daunting epiphany of what I missed every day without ultrasound!”

Dr. Lisciandro’s interests include clinically integrating FAST and point-of-care ultrasound that rapidly answers important clinical questions to optimize small animal patient care.  

He developed and published on AFAST with its target-organ approach, and the AFAST-applied fluid scoring system, TFAST for intra-thoracic injury and pathology and volume status, and most recently Vet BLUE.

He has been an annual guest lecturer at the TRISAT Critical Care Webcast Series to medical doctors, and done collaborative research with veterinary schools and medical doctors.

He is editor and chapter author of the textbook Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Wiley 2014, translated in 6 languages, English, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Polish; and lectured and trained veterinarians in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and the Middle East; and as President of the International Veterinary Point-of-Care Ultrasound Society (IVPOCUS), leading veterinary medicine in this exciting new frontier.

Dr. Stephanie Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine) attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University, completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at The Animal Medical Center, New York City, and then spent a year in general practice in Roswell, Georgia before residency training in internal medicine at The Animal Medical Center, New York City.  

Stephanie’s interests have included cardiology and gastroenterology and she has spent time as an internist in specialty practices, mobile ultrasound, and specialty consulting, and telemedicine.  

Currently, Dr. Lisciandro is Director of Internal Medicine for Oncura Partners, Inc. in Austin, Texas.

“I have been doing complete diagnostic abdominal ultrasound, complete echocardiography, ultrasonographic volume status assessment, and ultrasound-guided procedures ever since my residency training over 25 years ago.  However, when Greg began learning FAST and remarking on his epiphany, he had to grab me kicking and screaming into this new FAST ultrasound frontier.  It took me no time once I conceded to see its (Global FAST) importance in my daily practice, helping better assure that my ultrasound exams were ordered for the correct cavity, and to make sure restraint was safe for my patient.  Furthermore, I realized how incredibly impactful Vet BLUE was for detecting pathology that was questionable or occult radiographically. I trained all my clients to do Global FAST and became exponentially busier.  It’s truly a game-changer.”


Ultrasound Anywhere

Affordable and easy to learn and use, Clarius makes ultrasound more accessible for veterinarians. Clarius Scanners produce high-resolution ultrasound images and transmits them wirelessly to most iOS or Android devices. Users can store, manage and share the images for professional review on the Clarius Cloud. Clarius Scanners will be DICOM compliant so you can transfer exams to telemedicine services.


With Clarius, great image quality is just the beginning.

Clarius is the only handheld wireless ultrasound machine that doesn’t compromise on image quality. It offers high resolution ultrasound images that are as good as the best traditional point-of-care systems.



Excellent cardiac imaging

The Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is designed for quick scans of most parts of small and medium animals, including the heart. The Scanner has a built-in virtual phased array mode. Simply select the cardiac option to image the heart at high frame rates.

Detailed superficial imaging

The Clarius L7 is perfect for superficial imaging and biopsies of masses, lumps, abscesses and bumps. It’s also useful for musculoskeletal imaging before, after and during rehabilitation.

iOS or Android? You choose.

Clarius operates with most iOS or Android smart devices. Simply download the free Clarius App and you can start scanning with the touch of a button. Clarius can image on multiple devices simultaneously.


Full metal jacket

Clarius is built to withstand busy clinics and other unpredictable environments. It’s encased in a magnesium shell that can be completely immersed in liquid for cleaning and sterilization. And since it’s wireless, there are no cables to manage.

It's rechargeable

Clarius gets its power from a rechargeable battery that will last up to 45 mins of continuous scanning and up to 7+ days of stand-by power. You’ll get two batteries with each Clarius scanner.


Point and Shoot Imaging

With automated settings and imaging tools, Clarius is designed to be almost as intuitive as using the camera on your smart phone. It’s easy to learn and use for any veterinarian with basic ultrasound scanning skills.


Clarius Cloud


Save. Share. Review.

Cloud Based

Clarius Cloud is a secure, web-based portal that allows you to save, review, manage and share images acquired with your Clarius Scanner(s).With your password, you can access your Clarius Cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection.


You can rest assured your patient's data is safe in the cloud thanks to 128bit secure SSL encryption and HIPAA compliant protocols. You must have specific rights and a password to access images on your Clarius Cloud.  


Each Clarius Scanner is associated with a Clarius Cloud account. Rights to use the Scanner is assigned by the Cloud administrator, which could be you or someone else if you're part of a larger institution. As an authorized user, you can manage your patient's images on the Clarius Cloud.

Product Specifications

Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Scanners are wireless and work with a mobile app that is compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices available today. Unlike traditional ultrasound systems, Clarius Scanners are designed to be carried around for quick exams and to guide procedures such as nerve blocks and targeted injections.

The C7 Clarius Scanner is ideal for imaging small and medium-size animals.

C3 and C7.png

Clarius C3  Scanner


Frequency: 2-6MHz

Max-Depth: 32cm


Clarius C7 Scanner


Frequency: 3–10MHz

Max-Depth: 20cm

Standard Configuration

  • B&W Scanner
  • M-Mode
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Charger with global AC Adapter
  • Access to Clarius Cloud Platform

Optional Advanced Features

  • Virtual Phased Array
  • Color Doppler
  • Needle Enhancement
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Mobile Platforms

iOS: iOS 9.0 or later and the following devices: iPad (3rd gen or newer), iPad Air (1st gen or newer), iPad Mini (1st gen or newer), iPhone 5S (or newer), iPhone 4S* (see note), iPod Touch (5th gen or newer)

*partially supports Wi-Fi 802.11n at 2.4GHz, but not at 5GHz)

Android: Android 4.4 (API 19) or greater and devices which have the following architectures: x86, x64, and ARM. 

Devices with Wi-Fi 802.11n and BLE 4.1
*performance of BLE (Bluetooth low energy) varies by model


Security & Encryption

  • WiFi data channel: TLS 1.2
  • Bluetooth: RSA 4096 bits, AES 128 bits
  • Local Storage: Temporary
  • Cloud Storage: Yes
  • DICOM: Yes


  • Enclosure: Light weight magnesium, durable, IPX7 rated for probe and battery separately, rated for 1m immersion for 30min
  • Dimensions: 167(h) x 99(w) x 42(d) mm (6.6” x 3.9” x 1.6”)
  • Mass (with battery): 540g (1.2 lbs)

Charging & Bootup

  • Scan Time: ~45 min
  • Charge Time: ~90 min
  • Standby: ~7 days
  • Bootup: Platform dependent, generally < 30 seconds

Operating Range

  • Ambient temperatures:between 0°C / 32°F and 40°C / 104°F
  • Relative Humidity: between 15% and 90%
  • Recommended maximum exam time: 20 minutes

Clarius Warranty

Every Clarius Scanner is delivered with a one-year standard warranty to protect against defects in workmanship and materials. You will also receive telephone support for setup and configuration of your device. If your Clarius device is deemed to be defective within the first year, we will replace it. Clarius' standard warranty does not cover accidental drops.


Clarius offers three levels of warranty

  1. Standard
  2. Advantage: Three years of standard coverage.
  3. Advantage Plus: Three years of premium coverage, including one accidental drop.


  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Defects: Yes
  • Remote Tech Support: Yes
  • Courier Swap: Ground
  • Accidental Drop: None


  • Warranty Period: 3 Years
  • Defects: Yes
  • Remote Tech Support: Yes
  • Courier Swap: Ground
  • Accidental Drop: None

Advantage Plus*

  • Warranty Period: 3 Years
  • Defects: Yes
  • Remote Tech Support: Yes
  • Courier Swap: Expedited
  • Accidental Drop: One

*Please see terms of limited warranty for details.


Features from Clarius

New features are included to all users via the app store.

Here is a list of available features.

  • M-Mode
  • Spatial Compounding - on Nerve and Breast Presets for optimized imaging
  • Bladder Volume Measurement
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Direct Connection on Android Devices
  • Annotations for images and videos
  • Pictograms to show reviewers where you scanned
  • Prospective and retrospective cine-loop videos—you choose
  • Low-power mode for less heat and longer scan times
  • Clarius Cast (live stream to multiple devices)
  • Auto Shutdown Setting: 1 to 120 minutes (default is fixed to 5 minutes)
  • Scanner Autoboot Setting (sets up Wi-Fi as soon as battery is plugged in)
  • Switch placement of controls on screen from Left to Right
  • Optional features included with Premium Scanners can be added for a fee*
  • DICOM Store
  • Color / Power Doppler   
  • Automated Heart-rate Measurement (Cardiac Preset)
  • Virtual Linear capability
  • Needle Enhance  (Optional on any Clarius L7 Scanner; not included with premium scanners)